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28 Oct 2008, 04:55 PM
Hey folks,
I am a web developer with multiple websites running on asp and php. I wanted to create a search engine box for my website. You know the search engine feature so that people can search for content.
I know that you can get Google or Yahoo search engine code but according to some experts it is a very poor choice for a site search because it is updated so infrequently. Any information that needs to be updated, may take many days or weeks before yahoo’s or googles search engine spiders catch the new info. Because of this your search engine users might not get what they are looking for. I update my site often and also have forums and blogs.
So what alternative you people suggest?
I was looking at a search engine making tool its called Smart Spidey (http://www.smartspidey.com/). I contacted then and they also told me that they will be releasing a new and improved version very soon. I tried version its not bad. So what do you guys suggest.
Is making you own search engine hard?

If this not the right place to ask this question please move this post somewhere else.

Hoping to get some good advice 

Jay McCaig

17 Nov 2008, 10:49 PM

I've used both Google CSE and other stand-alone search engine scripts such as Sphider. The bottom line is that if you're website is active enough, which it sounds like yours is with blogs and forums, then Google will be indexing your website often enough to serve your visitors properly.

Think about it this way... if you're having problems with Google not keeping up with your content additions then you have an even bigger problem because people won't find your website to begin with using Google.com. Maybe you need to wait for Google to realize a pattern in your updates and to crawl your website more often.

Best of luck.