View Full Version : Task-oriented websites - unconventional look&feel

30 Oct 2008, 04:49 PM
FriendlyQuestions (https://friendlyquestions.com/) and FriendlyBookings (https://friendlybookings.com/trial/) have an unconventional look&feel, and I'd appreciate your feedback.

I'm targeting task-oriented users... people who want to do something specific and just want it to be as easy as possible. For example, a typical user might be a theatre-goer wanting to make a booking for a show, or a theatre committee member adding a new production or confirming bookings. I expect to have very few people just browsing the sites.

I believe I have a layout that works well whatever size the browser window is, allows for text-resizing, and is usable if you have a particular task in mind. But I'm so immersed in the design, it seems obvious to me... but might not be obvious to newcomers to the sites.

The normal way of reaching the sites would be through customised URLs, like https://friendlyquestions.com/public/Responses/survey-238 and https://friendlybookings.com/trial/public/theatre/SampleTheatreGroup.