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21 Nov 2008, 07:01 AM
Slide-in panels are useful if you have limited space on your pages, and users definitely love it.

Here I've made a simple top panel for my site to slide in video thumbnails when clicked:

FilmaleM (http://www.filmalem.com) --- Click on the 'Quick Picks' tab at the top of the page and a panel with some videos will slide in.

Creating your slide-in panel is not that hard if you know the basics of editing html/css.

I'll give you the link to the tutorials, as there is no point in rewriting their article here. Check it out:


They've covered a few basic jquery tricks there. Once you check the source code of the demo pages in your browser, you'll figure it out easily.

The spteps are simply:

- Download jquery library and upload it to your server.
- Include jquery library in your header as you normally do with any javascript file.
- Include the javascript for the tutorial in your header as well.
- Check the source code of the demo and add the css styles to your css file.
- Create the necessary html elements in your documents with the right IDs and Classes. (Check the demo source code).
- Start customizing when you are comfortable with it.