View Full Version : WANTED: Coding for Referral system website

23 Nov 2008, 08:14 PM
What i basicaly need is coding for the features listed below. I do not need a full website with proffesional design but i do need a very simple default design which i can change at my will. I am some-what skilled at designing and HTML coding but do not have time to do the more difficult stuff like advanced coding, databases, and etc. So i'm looking for someone with experience, please provide a portfolio or evidence of experience.

Im looking for someone who can code me something with these essential features:

Referral system wich keeps track of members who signed up under other members,
members accounts
membership, each member who signs up is assigned a #
accepts CC payments
database wich keeps record of names, # of refferals, etc.

The coder can decide what type of coding is best and most suitable for my needs. Message me for additional details!!