View Full Version : Yay or Nay: Promote website before opening

03 Dec 2008, 04:40 AM
I am building a website and have a very large brand name sponsor. The sponsor would like to give away its products for free to people to promote itself.

The Catch: I am getting traffic in by advertising the fact that there will be free items given away, but at the same time in order to give porducts away I have to reach a certain amount of visitors a month, and there has to be a certain number of visitors the first few weeks before I can give away the first item.

I get a generous portion of the retail value on these items for getting the audience, along with other perks.

My question. should I advertise the site before its ready to go, to get a large opening audience. I have a coming soon website with the logo a luring catch phrase/slogan and an exact coming soon date.

any feedback would be greatly appreciated.