View Full Version : Bounce Rate and SEO

15 Dec 2008, 02:39 PM
I have read a couple of articles that correlate bounce rate and search engine performance (at least for Google). I'm trying to figure out what exactly is considered a bounce and some other stuff, so I made a list of questions:

1. What is the duration for a single page visit until it is no longer considered a bounce when a visitor leaves?

2. What if a visitor lands on a page, and then visits another page within 5 seconds and then closes the browser. Is that considered a bounce?

3. When external links are opened in a new window (i.e. target_blank, rel="external", onclick=... etc) is it considered a bounce? Is there any difference between using HTML and Javascript to open a new window?

4. If opening external links in a new window is considered a bounce, does it change anything if the user then comes back to the site which has remained opened and then starts browsing around?

TIA :)