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03 Jan 2009, 05:57 PM
Please give me your comments and opinions on THIS SITE (http://creativevp.com/backup/new.html) overhaul.

It is for an adult video production service, but it is not porn and contains no nudity.

Pick it apart!

Please be honest so I can continue to work on my design skills. This is also my first attempt at utilizing an external style sheet.

Thank you,

03 Jan 2009, 08:59 PM
Its great that your not using tables and you are using CSS but the deisgn really isn't up to scratch.

1. The background should just be plain. A light shade of red may look good for this type of website.

2. The main body where the text is doesn't need a background.

3. The sidebar should have a solid background.

4. You pictures all look a bit dated. If you have Microsoft Office Picture Editor use Auto Correct and fix them all or get Google Picasa which I think has a similar function.

I think try that for now and I can then give you some more tips. Possibly have rounded corners on the whole body.

Got great potential especially as your not using tables.