View Full Version : HELP!!!Somebody help XHTML.PixelCrayons

08 Jan 2009, 08:51 AM
Hi all

I got something interesting to share with all of you, yesterday I visited a site named XHTML.PixelCrayons (http://xhtml.pixelcrayons.com) through some gallery(nicestylesheet.com).

From there a link navigated me to PixelCrayons.com. Both the sites are quite nice. After couple of minutes I went to their blog section to see what they have written. There I found their recent blog Whoops!!! someone did it again (http://www.pixelcrayons.com/blog/miscellaneous/whoops-some-one-did-it-again/)

According to this blog tidycars.net has stolen their web design and didn't even change page description.
Getting Inspired and stealing are two different things. Tidycars.net must know that.

Letís discuss it, what you would have done, if you had been in place of XHTML.PixelCrayons.com?