View Full Version : Get-a-freelancer anyone? help

11 Feb 2009, 08:00 AM
Ok, so im on that site about month, didn't find any job even if i have about 10 years experience in SEO, web design, Flash, hosting, branding, but that's ok. I hope it will live up a little soon.

I have question/s about pictures next to the projects. There is GOLD which is only for gold members, and then there are project with ? next to them, and it say 'project for people withot feedback'. I dont have any feedback and rating becausse i didnt have job, so is it my only option getting this, lets say, free ''feedback' jobs- or i can be choosen to do 'normal' project, with no picture or sign next to it?

I know its maybe little confusing but bear with me ;)