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12 Feb 2009, 02:23 AM
New to the forum, would greatly appreciate help and answers to any of the following questions.

New to programming websites in the modern context, have experience with html and frontpage when i was younger and learned how to code in Java and C++. Starting to learn PHP lately.

I want to build an online clothing store and am debating what language to use. My main dilemma seems to be between php and asp(.net) and their corresponding databases. I have been looking at several examples and trying to decipher the difference and figure out what sort of technologies they use.


Now to the questions

1) can anyone help me figure out what is used to develop the websites i am comparing (php, asp, java, javascript, cgi, perl, jsp,css, coldfusion) i threw out alot of random ones, because i have no idea what im looking at

2) php vs asp for a online clothing store, developing from scratch

3) would like to have very interactive controls for viewing merchandise such as modules for scrolling through product images and color icons (squares you can click on) to change shirt color, visually turning the shirt around to see the back

4) shopping carts is a whole other topic that im sure i can find other threads about

If anyone can answer any of my questions or point me the right direction, im getting kinda lost with all the options. Thank you.

12 Feb 2009, 04:14 PM
My preference would be PHP over ASP for a couple or reasons.

PHP has a thriving community with tons of help available via forums such as this and PHP Builder. There doesn't seem to be as much for ASP as far as resources (others may disagree).

It is easier to find hosting for PHP and well, Microsoft sucks (again, others may disagree).

I also like Java.

As far as eCommerce go I'd look at existing solutions that could be customized before starting my own from scratch.

Just my thoughts.