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21 Feb 2009, 12:59 PM
Hi All

Im having a bit of trouble finding some kind of script for a specific purpose which I will describe below. I hope someone can help me.

Basically, I am designing a website for a customer where the customer wants to be able to have a sidebar with news etc which he will update daily. He does not want to (and is quite frankly, incapable of) sitting editing code on a daily basis.

Does anyone know of some type of php (or other) script that can do this. I know there are blogs and content management systems, but I am looking for something that can be integrated neatly into their current website as a sidebar.

Thanks a lot in advance :)

21 Feb 2009, 11:28 PM
you can set up a page that uses tinymce, which is an easy to integrate text editor for the web. then just give the guy a link to this page with a simple (but secure) login. have the text that he creates with the editor put into a table in the DB, and then pull it out when a user accesses the page you want the text to appear on.