View Full Version : how can i make my php site look better?

04 Mar 2009, 07:31 PM
sorry if this is in the wrong place, since it is web design that i'm looking for, but it is a php site, so i put it here.

anyways, i have made a mpg web app, but it looks horrible. i've tried to use CSS with the site, but how can i make it look more modern?

here is the address: http://tmac.podzone.net/mpg

thanks for any suggestions

05 Mar 2009, 06:13 AM
The beauty of PHP is its ability to seemlessly integrate with html, along with CSS.

This enables the developer to wrk in and around the design of the site. SO you could, for example, get a snazzy template in html with its own css. You then just need to put the php functionality of the site in and around that template.

Most templates tend to create sections, like headers, content and body, which makes it even easier to place your PHP code