View Full Version : Help Marketing My Site

07 Mar 2009, 12:48 AM
A few months ago, I started a website with a few people that I thought had potential. However, it seems that we are having a tough time marketing/advertising the website. Because of this, we essentially gave up hope and put the site on hiatus. However, I recently decided to give it another shot.

The site is basically a host for a few blogs and, coming later on, podcasts/videocasts. These would be released weekly on a schedule. The site is called DPUtv, which stands for Digital Power User TV. We really pushed the 'TV' part of it because it was originally going to be exclusively video podcasts.

I wanted to get some advice as to what we are doing wrong. We have had people read the articles, but they never come back. Why not? What don't we have? I believe the content isn't the problem, but I could be wrong.

If this is the wrong forum, I apologize and would appreciate it if the moderators would move it.