View Full Version : Hey Feedback on first website please!

10 Mar 2009, 06:05 PM
This is my first site i have designed for someone..

http://www.gesellefloors.com please tell me what u think i have issues with the alignment.. between FF and IE

10 Mar 2009, 07:26 PM
You have between 40 and 60 <div>s per page? I'm surprised alignment is the only issue you have.

One big problem: this site is completely invisible to search engines, the blind and other visually impaired users. There is absolutely no text anywhere and search engines index text. Page reading software needs it as well. Otherwise it's the same as having a blank page on line. All the text is images, and some of the image pieces cut right through the middle of words. Odd choice (apparently done automatically?).

Below the navigation is a big space with the page title in it. This takes up way to much important real estate and pushes everything else down on the screen. It's unnecessary to use this much space, in fact, if the navigation were to indicate which page you were on by highlighting it, you wouldn't need this at all.

On the feedback page, form labels are in Times while the rest of the site is in Helvetica/Arial.

None of the pages have anything of real value to a potential customer. It's all "happy talk" text. Go to the Installations page and it basically reads "we do installations" ... on the Repairs page and it says "we do repairs" ... and the worst is the "About Us" page that tells me almost nothing about the company but that somehow having three kids means I should use do business here.

Everything seems really, really BIG here. The text is especially big. Feels like my monitor got changed to the wrong resolution.

On the home page there is a line that reads Your flooring installation specialist. That should be moved to just under the site logo at the top. It will work really well as a tag line, and that's important to have so that someone coming upon the page for the first time will understand right away what the site is and what the company does. If they don't get it in the first few moments, they'll probably go elsewhere instead of staying and using the site.

The photo is good to have, but simply repeating the site name above it adds nothing of value to the user, so eliminate it.

The site logo at the top of the page should, by convention, be a link back to the home page (even if it isn't labeled).