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17 Mar 2009, 12:48 AM
Hey guys, we're looking for a web designer for our website, www.blpgaming.com (http://www.blpgaming.com). We have one, and he's doing an awesome job, but he's doing all of that by himself, and I know that's gotta be stressing him out. Anyway, if anyone knows how to make websites like this www.blpgaming.com/beta (http://www.blpgaming.com/beta), then we can really use your help (I'm pretty sure its mostly CSS, Javascript, and XHTML). There is no pay, not yet anyway, but as soon as we start making money, I'm definitely going to pay the web designers first. And no this is not just any other gaming website, where it stays up for a month and then dies..Blue Lightning Gaming has been up since 2007, and we plan for it to keep going. If you would like to join and help, please email me at **********. Thanks guys!

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02 Jun 2009, 01:32 PM

We are developer from Chennai, India. We has develop flash online games. If you interested do mail to me back.

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Ms. Mala