View Full Version : Best way to build a thumbnail gallery

01 Apr 2009, 02:35 AM
ok.. so here is my dilemma.
I want to build a thumbnail gallery for my portfolio page. I want to be able to update it regularly with new content. I want it to scroll when the user gets to either the left or right edge. I have a mockup in flash but it is time intensive to make and I dont know that much about flash. The link to my site is here:


Ideally it would be best if I could just upload new photo thumbnail, and a larger version each time i want to add a new photo, not mess around with frames and timelines.

Whats the best reccomendation?

09 Apr 2009, 01:43 AM
Create a thumbnail data list in XML file and loaded into Flash. This could help you in updating the thumbnail withthout interupt your swf. Check up the below link for using XML in Flash


You also can check the sample from my website. Just click on the ADVBOX "Our Portfolio Movie" on the right side in our showcase page http://www.mediasquare.com.sg/ms08r1/ourshowcase.asp. The portfolio image is loaded using XML externally. So I only need to update the data in the XML file and upload the portfolio image to my server without interupt the swf file. This make my upadating job easy.

Hope this is what you are looking for.