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05 May 2009, 11:48 AM
New to this forum. I really need some brutally honest advice from as many professionals here as possible. Not afraid of criticism, and I welcome some

professional advice. There are a few basic aspects I want to cover at least.

First, if I am doing a full flash site (like I did), what is the web standard now as far as load times? You see I have the site fully loading all content

first, before the home page even shows. I have heard of dynamically loading content, for instance, different sections and subsections of the site, to be called

on when clicked, as opposed to loading the whole site first.

Now are there any benefits to dynamically loading sections as opposed to loading ALL of the content first? What is the pro standard? Is loading

sections/subsections/content dynamically something very easy to do, left for a professional, or left for a seasoned professional?

Second, How important is the "title tag" in the html page that I am embedding the flash site in? I recently changed it from "Untitled", was leaving it as

"Untitled" a rookie mistake?

Third, I have set up several email addresses for the client, including some web forms, that i used php file to send it to their email when they hit the send

button; My question is...in the php file, I have it sending email to the client, and myself. I don't plan on reading their email, but thought I would effectively cc

myself, for backup, in case something was wrong with their email, then I would have the client's email in case...so is that ethical or legal to do? What would

web pro's do? I don't want to get in trouble, but I don't want to ask the client, because I don't think she will understand my reasoning.

Lastly, if you were an instructor and I was your student that did the site I did as a final project, how would you grade it? Look at is as a critique of the site

based on professional web standards and protocol so to speak.

I appreciate your input! Don't be afraid to be honest. Does the site look like/programmed like it is worth $8000 dollars??

09 May 2009, 01:27 AM
I didn't catch the link bro or did I just space it? :)