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14 May 2009, 07:24 AM
I new to SEO, I wanted to know various ways of designing a website n a better way .
Please help me.

21 May 2009, 03:54 PM
OH! Great question, as this is one of the most important things people are able to do to increase the flow of traffic.

The first thing is, if you use text only on any of your images. Try to use just the text instead, then use CSS to get it to display exactly how and where you want!

You see SEO works based off of content, so the more text you have on the content you are targeting, the higher up you will be on a search engine like Google. More content makes for more hits going back.

For example, I am a global moderator of a Role Playing site, we have 13,000 members. On each of their profiles it says our site, and role play. That means when you search Role Play on google, you will get the site I am a GM of. Because, instantly, Google sees over 13,000 hits off of the words Role and Play.

With a smaller website, you need to be sure you are using alt tags in your images, and replacing images with text, to just text with CSS classes.

Make sure, to also, make a .XML file of your website layout, this will help display the exact pages on a search engine. If you search for certain sites, you will see the ability to click, Downloads, About Us, Contact Us... This means Google has loaded the site map from your server... I highly recommend you search for tutorials on SEO'ing your site, and making the Site Map.

I hope this helps you get a better understanding of how to go about SEO!