View Full Version : Could you please give me a hand? Page looking wrong

24 May 2009, 04:01 PM
Hi everybody!

First of all thanks a lot for all the help you have given me in other occasions.

Could you please give me a hand with this too?

I am building the following website:


which basically is a website of totally free resources for primary school teachers.

My problem:

In IE7 all the pages look ok but the home page, in which the menu looks much smaller and really weird. Also, when I go to 5º-6º E.P.O page (in the menu) the button for that page is highlighted but also the button for the 1-2º E.P.O page. Why does this happen?

Well, if you have any other suggestions to make the site look and work better I will very gradly hear them.

Thanks a lot,


19 Jul 2009, 09:21 AM
Did you figure this out? I looked at the site and it looks fine.