View Full Version : what should the copyright notice at the bottom of webpage say?

18 Jun 2009, 06:47 AM
Another question from this newbie here....

Regarding the copyright notice most websites have at the bottom of the page.... I know the most common notice reads simply

(c) Company Name 2009. All rights reserved.

Or variations of it.

But what happens if you've taken pictures for the website for which you have retained copyright? Shouldn't your name be in the copyright notice too? This is exactly the case for my first and, to date, only client website which is soon going live.

I took and processed most of the photos for her website myself for FREE and as such we agreed that I would own the copyright (this is all specified in the contract and she's also signed model and property release forms).

Basically I fear that if I just put their company name after the (c) symbol, I'd be pretty much granting them copyright of the images too. Or does the contract we have signed override this?

(By pictures also read graphics or any other artwork which you may have created and for which you retain copyright, only granting the client a licence to use them for the website)

Can anyone please advise?

Many thanks in advance!

PS. This just made me think of another scenario. If the copyright notice says it belongs to the Client, what about photos bought from stock agencies for use on the website? I guess that's why there is a clause in the contract to say copyright of images remains with the original owner? I'm confused!

18 Jun 2009, 10:40 AM
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