View Full Version : Design Review Requested.

20 Jun 2009, 07:56 PM
Hello! Hoorah, My first post! I recently decided to redesign my current portfolio website since my current isn't as polished as I'd like and I'm kind of bored with the design.With this new design I'm trying to be minimalistic. I've read some recent blogs showcasing minimalistic websites and I like the trend. Okay how about a little explanation of the rollover effects. Navigation: "Web Design" is the off state, "Photography" is the hover state, and "Contact" is the active or clicked state. For my work thumbnails, the first, the one in color, will be the hover state while the three to the right are the off state. My social networking icons will work in a similar fashion.

My plans for my work thumbnails is to lightbox when they are clicked.

All feedback is much appreciated, likes, dislikes, suggestions, etc. Feel free to be as brunt as you like, so long as it's construction not destructive :)

I'm fairly new to the field, especially the design part, I've just completed my first year at the firm I work at where I mainly code front end work and just graduated from highschool as well. I've very experience in front end coding, I've built well over a hundred pages, so I mainly need as much help as I can get with design, something we haven't had much time to work on at the firm, so all help is welcome, thanks in advance, Gavin :)