View Full Version : Looking for a website developer/designer for a hosting company

21 Jun 2009, 05:55 AM
Hi there.

I have started a hosting company and im looking for a website developer/designer to design me a hosting template.

I'm more then happy for you to join the company with me and make some money as we grow
give you a hosting server for 2year for free with over 30gb disk space n 80gb BW
just pay you out for ur work up to you.

Ill be need around 4 - 5 pages designed

Home page is 75 % complete all ready ..

- Web hosting plan's page
- Domain name page
- Tos page
- contact u
- a look a like template for our billing client

and more..

I would also like it if you had skills in php - html - css - java :)..


I also need a few other project completed ..

to do with a other site . we will talk more about that after tho as i still have not got the idea 100% complete ...

I did not release the name of the hosting company cuse i don't want to get this post removed or me banned for breaking site rules :) .

Thank you for reading

17 Jul 2009, 01:47 PM
still need help with your site?