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07 Jul 2009, 08:15 PM
The following originated on joomla forums, Where I attempted at doing this my self but realized that I was in way over my head.

Ok so I am looking for people interested in helping me with my yet to be named site witch will be kind of like a hopatcong underground site. Almost like a vigilante underground site. It's going to have loads of anti-drug material dealing with hopatcong with everything from dealers too where they go and how to tell if your loved ones are using this is mainly going to be my department. I also want to add a charity event section along with ads and flyers for the local music scene I figure this will prolly be handled by mustache magazine and cornershop. I also want to add like a clean up hopatcong section where we organzie groups of volunteers and clean up certain sections of hopatcong. I also want to set up a forum community for ideas and what not. I also want to set up a market place section where people can sell trade barter
want to add a "Scumbag Watchlist" A place where user can go of course this will be monitored but it be place where you can put how someone robbed you of money or did something scumbaggish to you so people know. I myself will be at the top of that list for sure because I was a big time scumbag.I am also open for any other ideas I have the CS3 Creative Suite so I have all the computer programs needed for flash design website design photoshop illustrator and adobe reader for articles and ezines and what not I just need man power. I need articstic people who want to help with stickers flyers adds.
I also want to include the local music scene big time on this website, Just need people who want to help If you bring me a cd I have the adobe CS3 Creative suite so I have all the programs needed I can burn you a copy. It is pretty cheap buying a domain name too I think

That was taken from the facebook description of the group, I currently live in a town in new jersey known as Lake Hopatcong and myself and a few friends had the idea to create a website for all things Hopatcong. Just not an ordinary town website though a website aimed towards our generation Highschool through College. We want to make the site kind of urbanish if that makes sense kind of counter-culture almost style. As of right now we have a few def. things we want the site to offer. An Ezine section where a local music scene magazine known as Moustache Magazine can have an online magazine, I am thinking maybe blog type extension for this. In the future we plan on adding more sections like this. We also want to have a charity section where information can be posted about getting together to pick up trash, creating hiking trails in area known as "Devils Footprint", just a section of the website for people to go and see what kind of events are coming up that they can be apart of to help with the town. We also want to have a social section for local festivals wether they be music festivals, free running competions, all different kinds of sports tournements where the ticket money and sort of profit goes towards fixing something up in town or fixing the skate park. We also want to have an anti-drug section as our town is slowly becoming a wasteland of drug use coming from the city and newark area. We will post all kinds of anti-drug adds here along with, recovery information, recovery storys, numbers to call, na meetings, stuff like that.

I really just need someone who can help me get the base set and give me a kick in the ass so I know where to go from there. I am in no way looking for someone to design this whole thing I am just looking for someone to design a cool template and show me how to upload it, At first I plan on hosting my own domain from my computer (HopatcongUnderground.Org) but I do not even know how to do that. So if anyone is interested in this most likely pretty massive project please email me at hopatcongundergroundteam@gmail.com or im me at omgtravisonfire . I could really use some assistance with this.