View Full Version : Best UK Host for E-Commerce?

09 Jul 2009, 11:37 AM

Im setting up my first online shop - selling shoes, and am wondering about the best UK webhost for e-commerce? Hosts Ive looked at so far include:

Daily - http://www.daily.co.uk/products/online-shopping/index.html - 8.99/month
UK2 - http://www.uk2.net/ecommerce/ - 10.95/month
Venda - http://shop.venda.com/engine/shop/page/Product+%26+Getting+Started/Pricing - 49.99/month

They all seem to offer similar features, but the prices are vastly different - has anyone had experience using any of these?

I would use the included 'shop builder' to set up the checkout and layout, so its easy to add new items etc. Though would still like to fully customise the style of the site with HTML/CSS.

Ideally, I would like users to be able to organise products by sub-categories. Like on some clothing stores, where you can browse by Size, Colour, Price, and Brand etc as shown below:


How could I achieve this - do I need a more advanced template?

Thanks for any advice! Steve.

15 Jul 2009, 11:36 PM
It looks a good online shopping store. Good luck.