View Full Version : Seeking to pay for ad space for to promote site

25 Jul 2009, 08:22 AM
Hello. I am in search of a small number of web sites that cater to online sellers and that accept paid advertising for services related to online selling. My company has launched a site that lets users build free online stores. Our advertising on Google AdWords and Yahoo is, frankly, not getting us the quality of sellers that we would like. So I would like to try advertising on sites visited by knowledgeable online sellers, especially sites frequented by ex-eBay sellers looking for alternatives to auction sites.

Our site has some important attributes in common with other online store builders (e.g. eCrater), but we offer many unique features as well, such as automatic posting to Google Base, "trade pricing" to facilitate selling between member sites, built-in shopping cart and payment processing, etc. And we offer a basic plan which is 100% free (no time limit).

I hope some of you can recommend suitable ad venues. Thanks in advance.


18 Aug 2009, 05:14 AM
If you really want to promote your site, there are no better way but to rank only in search engines. Being top on search engines like google is the best promotion of all. Since you're willing to pay for ads, why don't you hire an SEO Specialist that will do the task in promoting your site in a cheaper price.