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08 Aug 2009, 11:37 AM
This is my main site/blog: http://073.ro
It's a romanian blog that covers a lot of subjects from movies and news to humor, personal development and many other subjects.

It's built on Joomla, i designed the background mainly for the 28% of my public that uses 1680x1050 and i know that's not proper work, but i really wanted the space to work with :-).
Other than that i'm just looking for some feedback.

It has some bugs on IE6 and even on 7 from what i know but it does work ok on 8.
I'm waiting for some feedback, but please argue them, i'm not looking for "i don't like the colors" and other very subjective things like that.

Thank you.

10 Aug 2009, 10:20 PM
I like it!

Clean and easy to follow, I love the tabs for the date posted :)

Just a little niggle, i like my items blocked on some things, and I feel your pagination down the bottom should be blocked, so I can click on the whole box, not just the numbering :) Other than that, nice work :)