View Full Version : How to optimize your PDFs for SEO - Adobe eSeminar

11 Aug 2009, 02:30 PM
The Adobe Acrobat community is hosting a free eSeminar, Wed. August 19, 2009, on how to optimize PDF files for display and distribution on the web, including how to best stucture PDF files for SEO.

Not only can you make your PDFs more efficient for viewing, but you can also ensure that Google (and other search engines) index your PDFs, present the search results description meaningfully and use the PDF content to enhance your web site search engine rankings.

Registration for this 60-min eSeminar with live Q&A is free:
Visit the acrobatusers web site and check out this months eSeminar (since I can't post a direct registration URL).

If you are in marketing, customer support, or SEO we encourage you to participate, share your own experiences, and ask questions

Note: This is not any kind of sales or marketing event - this is really a teaching event on how to maximize SEO online viewing of PDFs.

12 Aug 2009, 03:47 AM
Wow that's a good news! At least it's an additional learning in SEO.