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14 Aug 2009, 05:58 AM
Very recently we have published a new site called www.webseoanalytics.com that offers 12 powerful free seo tools. With these tools the SEO author is able to:

1) Analyze the content of his page (Web SEO Analysis, Keyword Analysis, Duplicate Content Check)
2) Find the strength of his pages/domain (Domain Info Tool, PageRank and Multi DC PageRank tool, Link Popularity Checker)
3) Check his bookmarks (Bookmark Finder)
4) Submit your site to search engines and directories
5) Compare your competitors ranking with yours (Keyword Battle)
6) ..and more (HTML Validation, Indexed Pages etc)

The most powerful SEO Tool is called Web SEO Analysis (http://www.webseoanalytics.com/free/seo-tools/web-seo-analysis.php) that allows the user to build full SEO Report for a specific URL.

It combines other SEO tools of the site into a single report and it allows you to analyze your pages, examine the most important factors that affect your search rankings and conduct: PageRank Check, Keyword Analysis, Bookmarks Search, Incoming Links Check, Search Engine Indexation, HTML Validation, Domain Info, Page Analysis. All the above information are combined in order to analyze the page further, get valuable information and find possible errors and warnings.

Additionally if you are a registered user you are able to print, save, convert to PDF, download and customize by using your logotype all the reports that you create.

Feel free to send your feedback and your suggestions in order to improve further the tools.