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14 Aug 2009, 11:06 AM
Hi i have a friend who wrote me this letter and i dont know but i think i would love to use a CMS since his budget does not support total custom dev, what do you guys think? is it possible to use CMS? if so any suggestions? i love wordpress the most:


We don't care about color scheme, just want it to look cool... ya know get your attention. We can provide the images.
Below I constructed a list of what my vision is. Let me know If you can do it.

I Want:

The page to be viewer friendly and allow visitors to listen and view bids for five different mp3 or audio files.

To have an attractive home page with an Image in the middle,Banner on top, login/new member to the right, and 4 tabs to the left:
1. Enter live auction
2. Producer link
3. About Beat Street Auction
4. Customer Service Contact Info

Visitors to be able to view and listen only! In order to place a bid, visitors must join free of charge, but with a payment method on file. Sign up requires user name, email address, password, payment method, agreement with terms and conditions.

We already have a pay pal account. So if possible we want to route the $ (from the winning bidder(s) at the end of each week) to our pay pal account.

The live auction to be 5 seperate auctions of each respective audio file.

Each auction to have its own player, leading bidder display, and large "place bid" button.

The auction page to have a running clock of Days, Hours, Min, & Sec. left in the Auction.

The auctions duration to be 7 Days: Fri @ Midnight - Fri @ midnight.

To upload 5 audio files during the week and have them update automatically... Replacing the previous 5 on each Fri @ midnight.

The 2nd link on the home page to be for other producers. An Alias, email address, tel. #, and where there music may be heard. Thus, we will have the potential to rent one of our auction blocks off to Interested & talented up and coming producers.

The 3rd and 4th links are self explainatory.

I know it was a mouthful... So i figured the best way to convey our requests without leaving anything out was to put it in writing.

Let me know what you think about our preliminary idea.
Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.
Thanks a million!!!

01 Sep 2009, 02:00 AM
This depends on the budget

wether its a CMS build or ground-up development its still a large piece of work

You will not benefit from using a CMS other than provide the client with additional functionality for no additional cost.

i would love to use a CMS since his budget does not support total custom dev

It is a custom development. Thats what it is.
Point him in the direction of his bank manager!
If he is serious then get him to fund the development seriously

if you do do it make sure you own the rights to it. You need full control over it and host yourself so you can claw back costs via update charges. Make sure you dont start any work without a functional / design spec which is signed off. Agree what you will do and never fall for the 'Oh i forgot to add this' malarkey