View Full Version : XHTML/CSS Key designer needed

19 Aug 2009, 12:45 PM
We are looking for a WOW (not world of warcraft) designer that can build key sites for us.

We get quite a few requests for daily work but every once in a while we get a request for a highly customized site and we need a design star to complete those orders. However, those requests are becoming more and more common. I really need someone that can build our big sites. This will likely be one off work for a while, but as we pick up more speed it may be 1-2 sites a week.


CSS/XHTML - you need to be semantic
Great design skills
You will have to learn our CMS, but if you are comfortable with CC/XHTML then you shouldn't have a problem with the CMS at all
JQuery helpful
Javascript helpful

Please send me a link to your portfolio, replying to this forum is perfectly fine. You can click on my signature link for more information on the company.

20 Aug 2009, 03:36 PM
I should probably clarify something here really quick. I am looking for an independent designer.

If you are part of a mill or a shop that has multiple designers churning out work then please do not send me anything.

I simply need a star. Just one.

Thanks for your understanding in this.