View Full Version : I suggest that you do not require mod approval on new members posts.

29 Aug 2009, 09:34 AM

I know I'm new to the forums so my suggestion may not have much weight but this isn't a high traffic forum and there are only 2 members online right now. I'm guessing you are doing it to prevent spam but its over kill for any board that can't staff mod's around the clock. You end up losing good members because no one wants to wait for hours before the post is visible. When you get a new member on a wed design forum most of the time its because one the forum looks active and they want to join in. Getting a question answers or posting a response to a current members question.

How many people do you think stay and hang around for hours waiting for their post to show up?

Now I don't think it would be right for me to complain without having a better idea to suggest. So instead of preventing spam at the cost of countless new members why not prevent new member from being able to post links for however long?

This way you don't inconvenience your good members only anyone joining just to post spam. So the worst thing that will happen is you get spam posts saying www dot spamlink dot com or whatever sitting around on the forum for a few hours until a mod comes by to clean it up. I also think the chances of a spammer joining and checking back to see if they are allowed to post links yet will be just as likely as a spammer hanging around until their post are not held until approved by a mod.

I hope you consider my suggestions and I welcome any thoughts or concerns about this option.