View Full Version : Visual Basic Web App to submit customized price to shopping cart

19 Oct 2009, 12:14 PM
I want to open an ecommerce site/business where I manufacture a customized product according to numerous custom user inputs. I am not a web developer, and have given up on trying to do the whole thing myself. I have limited capital for this startup, and would like to get my site up for <$1000. Is this possible?

I have started teaching myself Visual Basic using Visual Studio Express ’08. I was told this might be a good platform for developing the GUI that the user will use to ‘custom design’ their product (ie provide inputs to fields necessary for me to manufacture and ship the product).

My question is… Is it typical, or doable, for me to create this GUI for my web developer (haven’t chosen one yet), and they can easily integrate this into an otherwise fairly simple website? From what I have done so far I am confidant that I can create an app (so far been messing with windows apps, but I guess its pretty much the same to make web apps) that prompts the user for various inputs and outputs a price for the customized package… I just need someone to grab the price and put it into a shopping cart type utility that will allow the user to pay for it, and then send me all their inputs so I can manufacture the product.

This seems like it should be doable to me… or am I off the mark? Is this easy for a typical web developer? Is the $1000 price tag reasonable with me doing a lot of the visual basic work?

Thanks for any advice.