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05 Nov 2009, 03:20 AM
Hi there,

this is my first post on here so I hope that I am in the right area.

So heres the scoop: I am trying to develop my own music player, or at least properly learn how to do so. Preferably I wanted to stay away from using Flash, but creating a cross-browser player and preventing unwanted or unauthorized mp3 downloads seems like more trouble than its worth, especially with each browser's different plug-ins. So at this point, I am willing to do Flash.

I am looking for anyone who is willing to help, point me towards some decent tutorials, or even just show me references or information I could use to learn on my own. I am proficient with PHP, XHTML, MySQL, jQuery and JavaScript, but not so much with Flash or AJAX.

What I am trying to do with this player is load or play mp3s from a directory on the server, without writing them into the actual player and hiding the durectiry and file location. Mp3s will be added and updated, so I need something that will handle new songs and files.

I am assuming that the solution here is to read the directories using PHP and render JavaScript to control a Flash player. I would be extremely grateful for any help, I cant seem to find anything on the web and I have been looking for months.


05 Nov 2009, 06:18 AM

if this is true....

I am proficient with PHP, XHTML, MySQL, jQuery and JavaScript

then this will be a doddle and quite an enjoyable learning curve


I created a flash mp3 player for this site...

http://www.helpscheme.co.uk/en/easyread ( its the 'Listen to this page' button)

here are the source files including test.mp3


the swf is the compiled flash app

the fla is the source

you need to open the fla in flash and press F9 to view how i have coded it up

If the above is true it wont take much to bend it to your liking