View Full Version : Feasibility study[ need feedback]

24 Nov 2009, 06:20 AM
I am planning on specializing my small company on software and solution architecture consultancy, meaning:
The customer "dreams" about a certain complex website or internal web application or what ever.
He want's it done but as he has no experience with software he does not know how to identify what he needs exactly, the common scenario is like this: he finds a freelancer or a firm he starts asking for stuff to be done, in the meanwhile he discovers there is more to be done or that certain things need to be done differently, or he has low budget and hires noobs that make the stuff work for the demo but in time the stuff degrades etc.

That is where we come in, as we have extensive experience on custom solutions, on software solution products and different kind of businesses (law offices,retailers,shops, travel agencies,media) we can identify quickly the sketch of such a solution and also foresee what the customer might want later, based on what he wants now building this way an easy to extend solution.

Our idea came from the proven fact that most programmers do not really understand the business area needs as they are used to a more "structured environment" so we thought such a service would be good for both sides: the business demand and the technical offer.

Just like when you are building a home. If the builders start building based on your quick made sketch, your house will probably crumble :), that's why you call an architect. Of course there are many developers that can do both, but few people can afford such developers, and few developers can stand to see how the customer changes his mind every day.

As a company that wants a complex web application would you pay for those services? What percentage of the total budget would you dedicate to the architecture part?

As a freelancer or firm would you pay for architecture in the case of a complex and challenging request (the prices would be lower for you as we wouldn't have to "translate and explain" everything form software language to human language)?