View Full Version : Tips about Choosing Program to Create Web FLV Player

01 Dec 2009, 12:26 AM
Web videos have become the most popular way to advertise products and service and there is no other method than web video that can demonstrate your products or services in a three dimensional way. But, how to present the video in an appealing way counts most of the thing. In other words, the web player you are using to play and present the FLV videos on your website matters. Here I would like all website owners to read through the tips about how to create web player onto the website and how to embed it into your web page, and how to interact with your visitors with the web player (http://www.player-box.com).

First, you need to find an application that allows you to create fully customized web player. For average website designers, an application demanding no ActionScript knowledge is a plus. With this kind of web player creator, you can select a component from a large collection and you can also customize a component through defining its skins. You are free to add or delete any component according to your need or preference. Moyea PlayerBox is my recommendation.

Second, you need to know
. What if you don’t know HTML coding? There are some web player creators that can not only generate web player but also help you insert player together with videos to web page with a few clicks. All you need to do is to post the SWF, FLV videos and web page respectively if you choose.

Third, you’d better choose an application that allows you play two or more FLV videos with one web player. In other words, you need a web player creator program that is capable of generating a playlist file, which allows you to organize the FLV videos with ease.

Fourth, choose a program that is capable of generating skins for any web player. I am still not sure whether this is possible now, but I am expecting so.