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14 Dec 2009, 11:15 AM

My name is Ashwin. I want to be a web designer/developer. I know XHTML and CSS completely and now confident about designing any kind of layout. But now stuck in creating navigation menus(javascript part). I know some javascript also.

I want to learn to create the below navigation menus-
1. Combo menu (Select boxes and message is displayed just below for each selected option).
2. Accordian menus.
3. Tabbed menus (Tabbed menu with each tab hovered or selected a message or menus displayed horizontally in the below row.)
4. Dropdown menu (Horizontal tabbed menu, when each tab hovered or clicked a vertical dropdown is displayed.)
5. All levels navigational menus.
6. Chained select menu.
7. Drilled down menus.
8. Tree menus.

I need a step by step tutorial on each of these. If you guys know any link or helps please let me know that. I wanna learn these things in at the most five days. I have to face interviews shortly.

I am searching for javascripts on internet for the last couple of days but cannot find tutorials(step by step).


14 Dec 2009, 05:13 PM
I would check out "Simplythebest" either DHTML or JavaScript. They will have scripts for the menu's you require which you can then take and learn how it was done. :)