View Full Version : Face-lift for my website

14 Dec 2009, 12:41 PM

Our current website is not as beautiful and functional as it should be, to say the least. We're currently working on a major face-lift and would appreciate feedback and ideas.

The website is very unique product for collectors. It allows collectors to manage their personal collection, swap list and wish list easily from a central catalog of collectibles. It's not a marketplace website though it may have or integrate with one in the future. Currently there are 10 collectible categories but more will be added soon.

Two issues we're still thinking of changing involve:
1/ Search - as there are 10 categories and the collectors themselves, what should a good search box offer? Facebook, for example, have one box and they present results of everything which can later be narrowed down. LinkedIn and eBay, as another example, have a drop-down close to the search box which allow to narrow the search.
On my website you might be interested in searching for coin collectors or for coins by some catalog code or coins by currency name or stamps or postcard, etc.

2/ Filter - our site has a very flexible filtering system. For example, you may filter coins by country / year / composition etc. For example, you may filter phone cards by country / company / year / card system etc. In addition you would have filter such as a certain collector's wish list or another's swap list. Most filtering options depend on the others so it's probably not the best to simply situate a box on the side for filter setting. Is there any known website design you know for such a filtering schema which you appreciate its UI?

As I'm new here so I would probably be banned if posting a link so plz bear with me. I can send the links to the current website and the one in progress via private message or email.

Thanks for reading! :)