View Full Version : Template disaster - Please help!!

22 Dec 2009, 06:38 PM
Hi guys,

First post - I wish it would be under better circumstances.

I have changed a template on my website, and it has had some drastic changes to the entire site.

www.newageveneers.com.au/home is the site.

If you scroll down the template is now underneath the content.

I am running Dreamweaver CS3. In the "index.html" files in each folder it shows up as the template only in design view. In code view it has all the information that I'd like to display for each page in the code view, but it just wont show it in design view.

From my very basic code abilities - it seems as if the head of my template has been moved to be the body of each .html page.

Anyone know anyway to get it back to the way it was?

I was experimenting with detaching templates from an html, and I guess that I've done something wrong there...

Any help would be much appreciated!!