View Full Version : AS3 - Call Uploaded file into Empty Movieclip

31 Dec 2009, 09:37 AM

I am in the middle of trying to create an swf that allows the user to upload an image into the flash file and manipulate it in several ways using actionscript 3 and flash cs4. (ideally if possible keeping the flash player needed at 9 or lower)

I have solved most of the photo editing side, but am having trouble uploading any photo into the flash file. I have looked into the 'getfile reference' class and also the 'oncompletedata' but havent got it working. Can anyone help? I need the user to click on the upload button on frame one which will upload the file to the server and display it on frame 2 in the empty_mc (instance of myObject) Currently i have a random jpeg image in its place.

Originally i intended to use an html form and php upload script to do all the uploading then send the url link into flash but again cannot come up with a way for this.

This successfully uploads my image onto the server in the 'images' folder but how do i get this into my swf?

Any help much appreciated, i have spent the last 3-4 days trying out different tutorials, source codes and my own limited knowledge!! with no luck