View Full Version : Somewhat Complex Idea, though I think there's a Solution

01 Jan 2010, 12:22 AM
I have a large media collection on my server (music .mp3) that I would like to stream via a flash application to whever I am. This would be useful so when I'm not at home I can just get on any computer and listen to my music without downloading it.

Here's what I'd like it to do
[] Flash/Silverlight embeded
[] into a webpage (controlled though IE,FF,w/e) Then i could PSWD protect with Apache.
[] Be able to create playlists, browse my collection easily, SEARCH FUNCTION
[] Dynamic, I constantly add music to my server, I'd like this Flash App to automatically recognize files that I add

I basically want a complete media player in a flash application (something like WinAmp) flashy graphics are not neccessary.

About me:
I used to work with Macromedia Flash animations/basic apps a long time ago, I am currently working on Silverlight Apps, thought it's been halted by college. I do work well with CSS/HTML and enjoy web development, I dont mind learning at all.

Right now I use Apache Indexing to find all my music, not only can I play one file at a time, but its very tedious to find all the music by hand, and just plain boring. If I had a media player that'd follow me around that'd be great.