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02 Jan 2010, 06:39 AM
I'm new to this forum so please allow me to introduce myself.
I was born as a poor Argentinean boy named "Hugo Vista" but citing the stupidity of my given name, later had it changed to "Laddy". When I obtained manhood, I traveled to the lesser known jungles of Madrid, Spain to embark on a calling known only as "the break dance". There I met Undini, my "love mate", who had a penchant for cheese and smelled of overrought Parmesan. With Undini's help I was able to defeat the Dark Lord of my respective country and bring peace to Argentinians everywhere. They then thanked me with a collection of boggles and surplus "Birthday Pikachu" trading cards. After this escapade, I retired to become a whale farmer in the Middle East and now enjoy a wonderful companionship with my primary whale, Sulu.

-Kidding, obviously. His real name is "Tom-Tom".