View Full Version : Photoshop/Firefox 3.5 Color Management

06 Jan 2010, 01:14 AM
these r my current color settings

While working between Photoshop and Firefox i notice my colors are a little washed out in Photoshop and I think its because firefox uses the system color profile which is my calibrated profile.. is there a way I can get Photoshop and Firefox to match up without having to change my RGB in color settings to anythin but sRGB and turning on Proof Colors which is set to Monitor RGB?

it seems the problem applies to my css also.. so I'm not sure if it would be best for firefox to be in sRGB, System Profile, or not managed at all.. the way a screencap of my site in photoshop/sRGB is exactly how it looks on other computers, but i dont know how to get firefox to display in sRGB if thats the best option..

I can design my site in photoshop using sRGB which is a little washed out compared to my monitor's calibrated profile.. but when i code the site and open it with firefox it looks exactly how it was in photoshop but the colors r saturated so the colors look better since firefox uses the calibrated profile..

wouldnt the best option be to have firefox and photoshop in sRGB instead of my calibrated monitor?

I used to have my settings set up exactly like this page says The Mysterious “Save For Web” Color Shift | Viget Inspire (http://www.viget.com/inspire/the-mysterious-save-for-web-color-shift/) but im not sure whats correct now.. what do u guys use? does it appear the same way in photoshop/firefox?