View Full Version : different screen resoultion = bad, help!

09 Jan 2010, 07:31 PM
ok i made a post similar to this but i dont think i explained it very well so here it goes again
im a begginer and i made a website totally out of html and no other languages but when i view it in different resolutions everything gets messed up. can i make it so the entire web page shrinks a grows with the resolution or whatever really good sights do with html?

if so, how?

if not, how can i do it with another languange(something simple but effective because i dont know any other languages). or i could have help writing it if one of you guys acually wanted to take your time to help me.

im really intrested in web design:rolleyes:

10 Jan 2010, 12:39 AM
You can make a 'fluid' website so that it flows with the size of the screen, BUT

It sounds like you might have used absolute positioning. This means the object is at 35px by 50 px so it will always be there.