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10 Jan 2010, 09:04 AM
For months, I've been trying to set up a website where people can post their screencast videos, and teach others how to do things on their computers. I tried WordPress, MediaWiki and Pligg, both didn't work for me. Wordpress did not have a feature where users can easily upload videos, I found MediaWiki very limited and Pligg's administration panel didn't work (blank screen).

What I want is a Howcast-like website, where users can upload their videos on YouTube, Vimeo, whatever, and add them to this website. People should also be able to 'Digg' their favorite screencasts. A combination between text- and videoworkshops would also be great.


11 Jan 2010, 05:01 AM
I know you've said that you didn't get on with Wordpress, but I'd really recommend using this platform for you CMS website design, as it has many benefits such as the search engine optimisation.

As Wordpress is such as recognised platform, there are a lot of developers creating freely available plug-ins which are very simple to integrate.

here is an example...


but I'm sure you'll find more if you spend a bit of time looking.

Further to this I would recommend that you host the video on a site like Youtube or similar, this will then allow you benefit from the video delivery, such as variable bit rates for improved streaming, and you can also easily monitor the popularity of the video through play counting and comments.

Hope this helps


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