View Full Version : Question About What To Charge For Project - Possible Job Opportunity

11 Jan 2010, 03:03 PM
Alright here's the situation, one of my clients needs a website in two weeks. I'm fairly competent and could maintain the site, but I'm relatively green when comes to web dev. Now if I had a month or so I could probably put something respectable together but that's not the case. Essentially what I need is a Shopping Cart site. Something with a graphic maybe some generic flash animation at the top. Roughly ten or so products listed along the side, when you click on a product it'd pull up into the middle of the screen with a description and an option to add to shopping cart. Along the top have the standard, "About Us" "FAQ's" "Terms and Agreements". I've already got the credit card processor, and the server space. The only backend I'd need would be just a list of members names and billing shipping information. And some system that would shoot me an email when an order was placed that said what they ordered and where to ship it.

Now I know once I get rolling in my career I'll have some some site like this in my repertoire that I can rename and relabel for any Shopping Cart site I need in the future. In fact I know a couple web guys who probably do have this kinda site on a disc just laying around somewhere, nothing fancy but gets the job done. So my question is what is a reasonable offer to ask for just such a site? I don't want to offer too low and be insulting. However it is business and I'd like to get the best price I can.

If your a web developer let me know what you'd charge. Or if you have just such a site designed and want to sell it to me yourself feel free to private message me with your offer.