View Full Version : VM Build needed

25 Jan 2010, 06:42 AM

I have a client who has current hosting with on my slicehost server (ubuntu). This client is going to start using mobile handheld devices with gps etc....

They wish to relocate inside a private LAN at another data centre where they host the mobility services and would therefore host the server in its entirety on one of the new MS Virtual Server platforms.

So all we actually need is a Virtual Disk building for MS Virtual Server that we can then attach to a VM on one of our MS Virtual Server platforms. The virtual disk would need to include everything that they requires in terms of OS, Web Server, PHP, MySQL etc and we would need confirmation of what ports need opening for standard services through our firewall etc.

Hope this makes some sense.

Is there anyone out there who could help, or would like to do this.. ?? if so give me a price and a timescale.

If you need any further information i would do my best to answer.