View Full Version : how would i slice and code the css for this content area?

25 Jan 2010, 03:30 PM

I am fairly new to css and i have completed my design in photoshop, but i dont know how i am going to slice the image up and code the css for the content areas!

They have a gradient, curved edge and a border.

I want it so that when you are typing in the div of the content area the image/borders move down with the text.

I have attached an image as im probably not explaining this very well. I know one way of doing this is to have it as a background image then have a div on top but then if the text is runs over the image it will not move down with the text.

Any info or tips on how i might do this would be great as im abit unsure of where to slice and how i could achieve my goal in css?

The image is
http://www.mucky-paws.com/testarea/content_area.jpg (http://www.mucky-paws.com/testarea/content_area.jpg)

Thanks for any help!