View Full Version : Noob Issue with Column Layout and position Plz Help!

30 Jan 2010, 09:24 AM
Ok, I managed to get some of the problems I was having in the previous post fixed but stumbled upon some new ones,

what Im trying to do is get the box in the left colum to expand and contract with the text I enter into it while the column borders remain fixed. I'd like the same effect for the grey highlighted section inside the right column. The box is currently expanding off the page, as is the grey highlighted section, as you can see.

Could someone tell me what tags I should be looking at to accomplish this and how to alter them to give the display Im after?

I want both column positions to be absolute and have the text conform to them rather thant he columns conform to the text

also I posted the code as its appearing on bravenet incase anyone was hesitant to download the zip


many thanks for any assistance in advance