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01 Feb 2010, 10:27 AM
hello , im manager of a multigaming team called Perfect eSports and we are searching some1 to help us improve our website ( [deleted :: new users aren't allowed links] ) . The things we want are :

1 : re-design menu or edit current like : Atm when u go to the site [deleted :: new users aren't allowed links] u see 4 words there ( HOME TEAM COMMUNITY CUPS ) , if u go with your mouse at them a sub menu opens for each of them . What we want is when u go to the site [deleted :: new users aren't allowed links] sub menu of HOME opens aswell . That will make menu looks bigger and much better . so what we want is When some1 logs into the site we need the Main menu + The submenu ACTIVE of HOME button like this http://shots.exop.pro/2010-01-26_2025.png .

2 . Change backround . I think our website if pretty ... white atm , imsure with a better backround it will look much better

3 . Add 1 or 2 sections . the most important is a community page . This page will give gifts to the most active users per month . first active user 30 euros per month , second hardware , thirth gameserver etc etc . That will alow us get the site active aswell . ATM we only have visitors ( around 200 + per day ) but they are not posting in forums or newsitems . With this page we think they will .

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mail :

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