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05 Feb 2010, 01:13 AM
Hi Guys,

This is for someone who is well-versed in FLash, XML and programming. But others are welcome to comment. I am working on my online portfolio and wish to discuss a few things while it is in development stage

The Works section is going to be a XML driven flash which will pull individual JPGs from a library and the XML file will have the descriptions. Mine is a vast portfolio, ranging from Books, Events, Branding, typography to web, plus I have worked for different industries like Banking, Hospitality, IT, Petroleum, etc. And then there is a whole list of clients I have worked for.

I was wondering if there is a script or there is something that will allow the user to see my portfolio in 3 different ways By Category, By Industry and By Clients. I do not wish to recreate different folders and then duplicate anything into them. All should be script driven.

Does anyone have a solution? Have you seen something like this before?
If you can, please post or point me to a XML based script which has a demo preferably. I am not a XML or a Flash pro, so it want it to be really simple which doesnt need much of editing and tweaking!

And any suggestion on how else this could be beautifully displayed.